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Fomage BocconciniFomage Bocconcini
Bocconcini cheese
$4.69 $4.99
In stock, 9 units
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Salsa selection (Neal Brothers)Salsa selection (Neal Brothers)
Salsa (Neal Brothers)
$3.99 $4.99
In stock, 91 units
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Lait de soya barista (Natur All)
Barista Soya Milk (Natur All)
$2.29 $3.89
In stock, 5 units
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Salami Finocchiona fennel (Piacenti)
Save $1.70
Lait d'amande barista (Natur All)
Barista Almond milk (Natur All)
$2.89 $4.59
Only 3 units left
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Mozzarella fresca fraîche (Saputo)
Mozzarella fresca fraîche (Saputo)
$5.79 $6.99
Only 2 units left
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Levure instantanée (Saf Instant)
Instant yeast "Saf-Instant", 454g (Leasfree)
$5.99 $6.99
In stock, 36 units
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Parfaitement rondes tortillas chips (Neal Brothers)
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Riz Basmati (Salima)
Basmati rice (Salima)
$4.89 $5.89
In stock
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Fromage double crème Le Pont Tournant (Fromagerie Kaiser)
Save $3
Moutarde de dijon (Fallot et Cie)
Dijon mustard (Fallot et Cie)
$4.99 $7.99
In stock
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Bière première impression lager de blé 4.7% (Trois Lacs)

FOU D’ICI is proud to offer more than 2000 local products from Quebec.

What started in 2011 as a showcase for Quebec products has grown into a Montreal staple for lunch, catered events and prepared gourmet food ready to take home. Our team of chefs, butchers, cheese mongers and food lovers work daily to provide a variety of pantry staples, curated delicacies and homemade meals. We are thrilled to offer our expanded grocery offering online and delivered right to your door.

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