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Nacho nature (Montréal Nachos)
Golden Crisps (Inessence)Golden Crisps (Inessence)
Golden Crisps (Inessence)
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Salsa selection (Neal Brothers)Salsa selection (Neal Brothers)
Salsa (Neal Brothers)
In stock, 71 units
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Tablette de chocolat (Excellence)Tablette de chocolat (Excellence)
Mini Madeleines (St-Michel)
Chips backyard BBQ (Kettle)
Potato chips backyard BBQ (Kettle)
Only 4 units left
Croustille miel et dijon (Kettle)
Honey and dijon chips (Kettle)
Only 4 units left
Mini Madeleines aux pepites de chocolat (St-Michel)
Cookies (David Lumbroso)Cookies (David Lumbroso)
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Nacho citron (Montréal Nachos)
Chips New-York cheddar (Kettle)
Noix de cajou salées Paparico
Amande au sel de mer Nirvana (Prana)
Sea salt almonds Nirvana (Prana)
Only 1 unit left
Dried mango (Paparico)
Dried mango (Paparico)
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Carre au sesame Sumsuma (Prana)
Sesame squares Sumsuma (Prana)
In stock, 6 units
Nacho chipotle (Montréal Nachos)
Pretzels Minces Classiques (Neal Brothers)
Whole salted Pistachios
Noix de grenobles naturelles de californie Paparico
White Cheddar Pop Corn (Smartfood)
Osvego cookies with chocolate (Gentilini)
Earl Grey 72% chocolate bar (Galerie au chocolat)
Les soeurs en vrac cocoa snacks
Les soeurs en vrac cocoa snacks
From $4.79
In stock, 98 units
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Dried prunes (Paparico)
Biscuits a l'erable (North Hatley)
Spicy antipasto (Chuck Hughes)
Spicy antipasto (Chuck Hughes)
In stock, 9 units
Favole cookies with chocolate drops (Gentilini)
Plateau trio de noix (Amandes, cajous, pacanes) Paparico
Amandes fumées Paparico
Energy bites almond (Nomz)
Energy bites almond (Nomz)
In stock, 10 units
Parfaitement rondes tortillas chips (Neal Brothers)
Gouda crunchy cheese bites (Air Cheese)
Tortillas bleu intense (Neal Brothers)
Amandes au sel de mer Paparico
Osvego cookies with malt and honey (Gentilini)
Espresso 72%  chocolate bar (Galerie au chocolat)
Gluten-free quinoa chips (Simply 7)Gluten-free quinoa chips (Simply 7)
Tamari almonds (NaturSource)
Tamari almonds (NaturSource)
Only 4 units left
Croustille patates douce et betteraves (Terra)
Cajou au sel de mer Extaze (Prana)
Cashew with sea salt Extaze (Prana)
In stock, 7 units
Bar énergisante CliffBar énergisante Cliff
Cliff Energy bars
Sold out
Cocoa nibs 72% chocolate bar (Galerie au chocolat)
Potato chips sea salt and vinegar (Kettle)
Hit cocoa delightfully crispy cookies (Bahlsen)
Dark 80% no added sugar chocolate bar (Benjamissimo)