3 Étapes pour créer la soirée de pique-nique intérieure parfaite
1. Set the Scene! The perfect indoor picnic has 3 main elements: a giant blanket to sprawl out on, a lovely basket to put an abundance of baguettes and wines in, and a nice set of dishes. Besides that, the possibilities are endless.

2. Keep it Cheesy! Can you call it an indoor picnic if a cheese board isn’t involved? I don’t think so. To create this spring-inspired cheese board, we used the following FOU ingredients:

1/4 Wheel Brie cheese (Alexis de Portneuf)
1 Tête dure cheese
1 Bellavitano cheese - Raspberry
1 Red wine sausage (Si pousse)
2 Seasonal fruits 
Olives - 2 types 
Fresh baguettes 
Fresh rosemary 
3. Time to Wine!  Choose your favourite wines, champagnes or beers to pair with your cheese board and get picnicking!