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Finding the perfect gift is never easy, especially when time is of the essence. What better than to offer a FOU DICI gift basket, perfect for any occasion and always appreciated.  Try any one of our themed baskets such as Chocolate Lovers, Chef Secrets  or Qc Box to Go.

Au chalet


CID Cidre Rose 355ml
CID Cidre original 355ml
Les Canardises Duck Smoked Meat
Le Renard Alleche Salsa a la biere
FOU DICI Bagel Chips
Les Gamins Gourmand popcorn
Crown Pickle " sweet" 375ml (white label)
Shortbread Butter Cookies
Gluten Free Bites
Los Cantores Tortilla Chips

Chef Secrets


Joe Beef Butchers Blend Spices
Chuck Hughes Spicy Antipasta

Chocolate Lovers


Palette de Bine Chocolate
Chocolate Covered Cranberries
Galerie au Chocolat Fondue
Gourmet Nut and Dark Chocolat Square
Chocolat Rochef 100gr
Chocolate Shortbread cookies

FOU Favorites


Fair trade Roasted Coffee Beans
Maple Syrup 250 ml
Wildflower Honey
Fleur de Sel Caramel Sauce

Just add cheese


Gluten Free Gourmet Crackers
Connivence Porto Jelly
Connivence Figue Confit
Roasted Nut Medley
Chuck Hughes Mild Antipasto
Goose and pheasant foie gras
Les Canardises Mousse foie gras

Monday Morning


Simon Turcotte Jam
FOU DICI Fairtrade Bold Coffee Beans
Fourmi Bionique Gourmet Granola
FOU DICI Wildflower Honey
FOU DICI Maple Syrup 250ml

Northern Delights


FOU DICI Wildflower Honey
Preservation Society 3 Fruits Jam
NutraFruit Pure Cranberry Spread
Point G Caramel and Fleur de Sel Spread
3 jars of Nordic Fruit Preserves by Simon Turcotte

QC Box to go


Joe Beef Butchers Blend Spices
OIE Cognac and Pepper Qc Goose Terrine
Balsamic Pearls
Les Canardises Duck Confit Cassoulet
Mlle Piggy Hickory Sauce
Epices De Cru Quebec Herb Blend
Sinai Habenero Hot Sauce
Chuck Hughes Spicy Anti pasto
Simon Turcotte Tartinade for Cheeses

Smokin' Hot


Mlle Piggy Hickory Sauce
Smoke Show Hot Sauce
Joe Beef Smoked Apple Mustard
Le Renard Alleche Bacon Hot sauce
Sinai Habenero Hot Sauce

Sunday Morning


Simon Turcotte Jam
Camellia Sinensis Tea
Fourmi Bionique Gourmet Granola
FOU DICI Wildflower Honey
FOU DICI Maple Syrup 250ml

Sweet as Maple


Maple Shortbread Cooki
Organic Maple Sug
Sinai Habenero Hot Sau
Rochef Dark Chocolate with  Maple Sug
FOU DICI Maple Syr
Prana Organic Go Nuts Almon
Bad Monkey Maple Popco
Bec Cola So
Bec Lime So
Bec cranberries Soda
Maison Orphee Maple and Dijon Vinaigrette

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